Computer Security
Network security: firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), application and threat identification
Cyber attack strategies (e.g. DDoS, Man-In-The-Middle, traffic analysis)
Reconnaissance, analysis and exploit tools (e.g. Nmap, Wireshark)
Adversarial network evasion techniques
Malicious network traffic detection and identification, command and control traffic analysis
Symmetric and public key cryptography

Machine Learning
Supervised learning models (Neural Networks, Random Forest, XGBoost, KNN, SVM, Logistic Regression)
Hyperparameter tuning and optimization for supervised learning models
Unsupervised learning models (KMeans, DBScan, anomaly detection with Isolation Forests and One-Class SVMs)
Machine Learning and data-processing libraries and frameworks (Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras, Pandas)

Computer Networks
Detailed knowledge of TCP/IP, UDP, TLS/SSL, HTTP, DNS, ARP, etc.
Software Defined Networking (OpenFlow, Floodlight, OpenDaylight)
Network scanning and fingerprinting, Internet of Things, network coding

Software Engineering
Working knowledge: Python, Java, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, Matlab, C, C++
Basic knowledge: PHP, Assembly, Ruby, Perl

Test driven software development, unit testing, agile software project management, code management (Git, SVN, P4)
System architecture design, software design patterns

Other expertise
Cloud Computing: Google Cloud, AWS
Kubernetes, Docker Container
Virtualization: VMWare ESXi, VirtualBox
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Android
Development of optimization models with linear programming
Languages: Fluent in German and English, basic knowledge of French